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Do you know what smart cities are?

A city is defined as smart when investing in human and social capital, leading to a high quality of life. The Living Building Challenge envisions cities as efficient as a flower, with their utility, ability to generate energy, capacity to capture water, and capability to process waste. The 'petals' of this vision include light, air, food, nature, and community.

But unlike flowers, cities have other challenges; here you can learn more about them.

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Choosing a good place for any project is crucial. It is the very fundation of it, affecting all other petals. 

How can you make your projects smarter?

We can help develop a smarter and more sustainable way of creating goods/ services.
The key thing is: re-think the way we create products! Here, we can see a regular product life cycle, and the smart lifecycle.

Regular lifecycle





Smart lifecycle

Re/ manufacturing





Unlike the regular lifecycle where the focus is on solely on how consumers will use the products. 
Smart lifecycles are also focused on making the whole experience more enjoyable, ethical and greener. 
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