The Washington Post Highlights Smart Cities Guru’s Infrastructure Fix for D.C.

The Washington Post featured an opinion piece written by Smart Cities Guru Anil Ahuja, on his long-term recommendation for Washington, D.C.’s failing infrastructure.  The piece, urges leaders and decision makers to focus on smart and sustainable infrastructure to improve roads, Metro and water and wastewater systems.

Ahuja believes President Trump’s trillion-dollar plan to upgrade our nation’s infrastructure is an opportunity to reinforce and invest in smart infrastructure. “Infrastructure is the foundation that connects the nation’s businesses, communities and people, driving our economy and improving our quality of life, said Ahuja. “ For the U.S. economy to be the most competitive in the world, we need a first-class infrastructure system: transport systems that move people and goods efficiently and at a reasonable cost by land, water and air and transmission systems that drive industrial processes as well as the daily functions in our homes. Yet today, our infrastructure systems are failing to keep pace with the current and expanding needs and investment in infrastructure is faltering.”

Ahuja emphasizes that improving a country’s transportation system lies not only in concrete and steel, but also increasingly in using information technology.

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