Architect Magazine Discusses Trump’s Executive Order to Rescind Resilient Initiatives

Architect Magazine, a publication written for architects, spoke to Smart Cities Guru Anil Ahuja on the impact of the Trump administration and federal policy on green building, climate resilience and other environmental intersections with architecture and design.  The feature focused on an executive order signed in March that rescinded several initiatives by the Obama administration, including the Climate Action Plan, threatening the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge.  Many designers fear the federal pullback on resilience planning will leave cities less prepared for future disasters.

Chicago-based building engineer Anil Ahuja, CCJM’s “smart cities guru,” says he was disappointed but not surprised by the extent of the administration’s early actions on climate change given Trump’s dismissal of the scientific consensus on manmade global warming. “If you do not believe in climate change and you’re not strengthening your infrastructure to meet the expected effects,you’re making cities more prone to disaster.”
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